Walnut Creek & Walnut Creek Candle Company Bringing a little bit of Yesterday to Today
  • Keepsake Copper Handprint Cookie Cutter Of your Hand


    Our number one selling cookie cutter is a wonderful family heirloom…
    your Loved Ones hand in a beautiful copper cookie cutter with their name engraved on the handle. 

    Remember when we were children and our Mom’s had us put our hands in plaster to keep us small forever. 

    Well today it is not as messy to have a beautiful handprint.  All you do is trace (please keep fingers slightly spread as you trace) your child’s hand and either mail or fax it to us and we will bend a cutter in the exact shape and size of your tracing.  We will then engrave your Loved ones name (please print name on tracing) on the handle along with the date of the tracing.  It’s that simple and no mess. 

    What wonderful gifts these little hands would be for Grandparents, Mom on Mother’s Day or anyone that treasures a Hand. 

    Just Simply trace a hand on a piece of white blank paper. Print the name and date on the paper and you can mail it or fax it to us. Feel free to give us a call and we can help walk you through this and get it taken care of. 765-647-3360

    We also offer Gift Certificates for these Cookie Cutters