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  • Copper Thump Keg / Doubler


    Copper Thump Keg

    Our copper Thump keg will connect very easily to any of our Copper Stills. The inlet

    and outlet lines are 1/2 inch od and are  a simple bolt in item. This item measures

    approx. 12 inches tall by 23 inches around.

    This item is the Thump Keg only.

    We are not responsible in any way for the use of this still. All operations should be

    done so under the guidelines of all Government agencies. We do not offer recipes or

    directions for use of this product.


    The artist Ron has been constructing copper products for 30 years and does test for

    any leaks or other misconstructions. Each Item is signed on the bottom and dated

    making it a heirloom for any family collector.


    This item will ship ASAP but we do have to build them this time of year. We always try

    to keep the customer in mind, if you have a time restraint please let us know and we

    will try to accommodate you.


    Our stills are guarenteed on all the aspects of workmanship.

    You can contact us with your questions