Walnut Creek Modern Items from the Past
  • 7 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still W/Thump Keg and Condensing can


    7 Gallon Copper Still

    Our 7 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still is a hand made still of 16oz sheet copper. Made 100% with hand tools. Our Stills are made with lead free soldier to make them food safe. We have copied a tried and true still from the 1800's that works with ease.


    Our 7 gallon still is a nice size for an intermediate model. It features all the same quality as our larger stills with less of an investment. This still holds a full 7 gallons in the boiler. All lead free soldier making it food safe. All stills should be boiled with vinegar before use to clean them out. Never heat a still with out liquid in it. All our stills are hand made with hand tools.



    Height approx 30 inches tall overall

    Diameter 11 ½ inches across

    Circumference is 36 inches around

    Condensing arm approx 16 inches long


    Condensing can for a 7 gallon still with the coil inside. 


    Diameter 8 inches across

    Circumference 24 inches around

    Height 14 inches tall

    Temperature Gauge added to this still adding precise consistent cooking

    Thump Keg with all the fittings

    Diameter 8 inches across

    Circumference 23 inches around

    Height 12 inches tall


    We are not responsible in any way for the use of this still. All operations should be done so under the guidelines of all Government agencies. We do not offer recipes or directions for use of this product.


    The artist Ron has been constructing copper products for 30 years and does test for any leaks or other misconstructions. Each still is signed on the bottom and dated making it a heirloom for any family collector.


    This still will have to be built, we do try to keep the customer in mind and ship as quickly as we can. If you are on a timeline contact us to see what the delivery status will be before ordering, Shipping through the Postal service.


    Our stills are guarenteed on all the aspects of workmanship.

    We do ship overseas but you need to contact us for rates